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The Poverty Gap whether in between countries or states is essentially a Technology Gap. But what separate the Developed and developing countries/States is the level of Technologies used in daily lives. What distinguishes the better of and the Worst off again is the Quality and Quantity of Technology people used in daily lives-
“Rajiv Gandhi”, Late Former Prime Minister of India
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Presently agricultural marketing system in India has a number of constraints which are related to infrastructure, regulations, technology, poor information on opportunities , uncertainties on unstable produce prices , lower price realization by producers etc. Odisha being a backwards state in Agriculture faces the hindrances more than  its peers. In order to overcome these challenges, Grameen Farm Works Limited put forward its efforts  first time in the state in private basis to help the farmers of the state overcome these barriers.

The main objectives of the Organization are

Empowering Farmers through use of IT

  1. Help forecasting weather accurately (we are working in the development of IT enabled tools to fore cast weather through remote sensing)
  2. IT based crop specific advisory services
  3. IT based Price discovery mechanism
  4. Up dated research findings from different Agricultural Research institutions.
  5. Personalized language specific information through SMS and IVR

Unified Agricultural Market Platform in the State of Odisha

  1. Farmers / Traders or Buyers can register
  2. Can trade any commodity
  3. Bid online from any where
  4. Transparent, verifiable trade
  5. Help enabling One Odisha, One Market

Social Matrix for Farmers

  1. Help farmers snapping ties with commission agents
  2. Building single point contact with banks, warehouses, Market
  3. Availability of information of prices of different producers
  4. Easy customer / buyers access for farmers
  5. Electronic price discovery based on the Grades
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